How to release old wounds & deepen your spiritual practice

A 3-week breathwork & healing journey

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Do you feel stress and tension within your body when life has thrown you a curve ball?

Have you suppressed emotions from your past that you're wanting to've tried 'all the things' to work on it and it's still holding you back? 

Are you feeling blocked and/or stuck in your current situation and can't seem to get a break and move forward in life?

Are you wanting to clear old energies and patterns and open the door to what's possible?

I know what it feels like...

You're feeling stuck, confused, sad and blocked.

You're feeling stressed and feel like each healing and/or session you have is only brushing the  surface.

You're wanting to release thoughts, emotions and stagnant energy from your body and you're ready to try anything to dig deeper and heal further.

But nothing seems to be working...

I'm ready to hold space for you.

You need:

To reduce stress and increase pleasure, ease and flow into your life

To increase oxygen and energy flow in the body

To balance your mental and emotional state and bring a sense of peace, calmness and deep relaxation into your body and mind

To access expanded states of consciousness – transcending yourself and awakening to your true beauty

Our breath is a powerful medicine that can help facilitate the release of stress and tension, suppressed emotions and helps open the mind and body to an expansion of consciousness. This transformative process activates the subconscious mind and is a powerful process for healing

Energy Healings are powerful and can move and shift energy within the body. This healing modality calls on a highly vibrational, healing frequency to help support increasing mental clarity, improving sleep and reduce feelings of stress by calming your mind and body.

So much is possible when we are ready to peel back the layers, go that step deeper and are ready to embrace all that is there to acknowledge . It's time to let go of what no longer resonates with you and call in your heart's desires.

Are you ready to rise up and dive into the healing power of the breath and energy healing – activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness back into your body and your life?

Whatever has guided you here, know that you're here for a reason. I'm ready to hold space for you.

Are you ready to surrender to the limitless possibilities of breathwork & energy healing?

It's a full body yes!!

Wondering what's


So you can... awaken your mind and body...

Three 1:1 one hour and thirty minute private sessions with me

In-person in Melbourne, online via Zoom or distant healing

One session per week* - you choose the combination
e.g. Breathwork/Energy Healing/Breathwork 

Includes a 30 minute introduction call to introduce the breathwork and healing style and discuss your life situation/s and see what you'd like to achieve throughout this program


is for your next level you.

Five hours of healing together including unlimited email and Voxer/WhatsApp check ins and support between sessions

*Although it's suggested to do one session per week over three weeks, I know that sometimes this might not be possible. If you're unable to complete the session within three weeks we can arrange an alternative layout that's still as beneficial and suits your schedule. Please enquire to discuss further.

**If you're after a single breathwork or energy healing session. Please enquire to discuss further.

After many years of holding space for my clients, I started to notice that one off sessions, although beautiful and deep, only revealed the outer layers of what was really going on and didn't allow them to go as deep within as they could have.

I created this program as I have experienced and witnessed the profound shifts that we can have when we show up to do the work - again and again. I have been able to have transformational shifts when I have experienced deep, continuous healing - over a few days and weeks of consistent connection with self. I know in our normal lives it's hard to be available to do 3 days in a row for such work. That's why I created Awaken - a 3-time journey - where you get to choose the flavour of the sessions - breathwork and/or energy healing and together we'll show up and allow you to shed more layers and fast track states of bliss.

Breathwork has changed my life.
And I know it will change your life too. 

if people say no, you say hell yes

One breathwork session will change your perspective. A conscious connected breath practice will absolutely change your life.

activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness back into your body and your life.

You helped open a door for me.

Thank you Jess. You helped open a door for me and I'm so excited to learn more and continue healing. My whole experience with you has just been so inspiring. I would love to come back for more energy healing sessions when I am in Melbourne.


Krystal Luu - Australia

client love

I transformed parts of myself that have longed to be heard and loved.

She possesses a strong yet gentle spirituality, which is very embracing. Yet I can see in her a wild, ever searching and discovering nature to her. A truly deep and grounded woman. By simply being in her presence I transformed parts of myself that have longed to be heard and loved.


Kim Victoria -

client love

I have learnt so much about myself being in her presence.

Jess is one of those rare women who is blessed with youth *and* wisdom. So humble, deeply spiritual and oh so sweet. I have learnt so much about myself being in her presence.


Sarah K Jones - Australia

client love

I have managed to bring some of that magic home.

She is so open, warm and approachable. She shares her own human experiences and vulnerabilities whilst still being a strong leader and facilitator.


Kelly Barrett - Australia

client love

Are you ready to unravel and release self-limiting thoughts and patterns from your life?

Our 3-time breathwork and healing journey can utilise...

Clarity Breathwork Healing
Intuitive Energy Healing
Sound Healing
Reiki - Tibetan and Usui
Cherokee Bodywork
Empowerment Life Coaching - Introduction and Integration

Oh yeah - let's do this

So excited 

to work with you!

I can't wait to connect with you and take you on my Awaken Healing Journey - three sessions together is going to be so beautiful, healing and deep.