An intimate journey of self reflection, self love & reclaiming the goddess within

Awaken your power, step into your soul's purpose and live the life you've been dreaming of

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Do you feel overwhelmed with life when you look at your calendar and to do list?
Do you feel disconnected from your body because you’re rushing through life and not stopping to smell the roses?

When was the last time you truly honoured yourself?

Have you lost track of the things that light you up inside? Or do you simply feel stuck and want to get to know yourself at a deeper level - delving deeper into creating your best life ever?

I get it.
I feel you.
I know you.
I was you...

You feel overwhelmed - saying ‘yes’ to all the things. Events, opportunities - your fear of FOMO is for real.

You’re a gotta ‘have it all’, ‘be it all’ type of person. You love doing it all but also love to doing nothing (but there’s no time for you in your busy schedule).

You’ve tried the courses, read the books, ‘worked on yourself’ but life has gotten in the way to stay grounded and connected to what you know feels good for your mind, body and soul.

But nothing seems to be working...

But you're ready to unleash the goddess within and step into your soul’s power with beauty, grace and love.

You need:

Time. Sweet time to reawaken the divine feminine within

Loving guidance to remember who you truly are at a soul level

A toolkit of resources, meditations and breathwork classes to guide you on your journey of self discovery and reconnection

A community and support of likeminded people who get you, who feel you and who cheer for you - cause baby you deserve it!

One off coaching calls and healing sessions can skim the surface but when we are ready to go deeper, can we really show up for ourselves, reconnect with our body’s and remember what’s important in life.

When you release what is no longer serving you - magical things happen!
You step out of your own way with intention - it gives you space to dream your new life and soul’s purpose.
You get super clear on you and the life you want to live - calling in what you truly desire.
When you get clear on your dream, your manifesting powers are illuminated and everything feels so effortless and flows.
You start loving yourself again, seeing your true self worth. You’re in alignment and you know you deserve the best in life.
You recognise that you remember this feeling, this warmth of being so connected with your mind and body.
You’re willing to do the work - cause ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ - you’re willing to show up and work on yourself - Every. Single. Day. Cause baby you know you’re worth it.

Your dream day, dream life, dream career / business / relationship / whatever your heart desires - is just around the corner!

Radical, deep change happens when we show up to do the work. 

Honey, I see you - ready to take a big leap forward. Ready to show up and do the work.

Have you been waiting for a sign? This is it my lovely.

I'm ready to go deeper

Wondering what's


So you can start the incredible journey to creating a blissful life that is in true alignment with your body and soul...

Self paced 6 modules over the 3 month program

Videos, worksheets, audio and bonuses released every 2 weeks

Guided meditations

Guided breathwork ceremonies


is for your next level you.

A private Facebook group to connect with a community of like minded go-getters - those that cheer you on and lovingly support your unique journey

Lifetime access to the program including updated material, videos and content as it’s created - you pay nothing extra - it’s all yours

Bonus guest trainer’s juicy content added to the program to further support your journey

Option to add-on private one on one coaching, breathwork or energy healing sessions with me! The only way to work with me one on one for one off sessions outside of my VIP days

Live coaching calls with me so you can receive group coaching and ask me anything you want

I’ve been on my own personal journey of self discovery and spiritual development for many years now. I never had a one-stop shop program like this that I could turn to and learn from when I was younger. Instead I learnt from my elders, from my ancestors, from my experiences. I sat in sacred circles, read books, completed courses and got qualified in various wellness modalities.
 I learnt from my mistakes and tried and tested what felt right for me.

I created this program so I could show you the tools and guidance you need to fast track your journey to connect with yourself, have laser focus on what truly lights you up and to live in absolute abundance and flow - weaving a life that you have consciously created (no back seat, direction-less driving).

if people say no, you say hell yes

Imagine...You have a happy heart, a grateful mind and life is truly incredible - you've called in the perfect life, partner, job, business, experiences...

Your dreams are waiting for you....

You helped open a door for me.

Thank you Jess. You helped open a door for me and I'm so excited to learn more and continue healing. My whole experience with you has just been so inspiring. I would love to come back for more energy healing sessions when I am in Melbourne.


Krystal Luu - Australia

client love

I transformed parts of myself that have longed to be heard and loved.

She possesses a strong yet gentle spirituality, which is very embracing. Yet I can see in her a wild, ever searching and discovering nature to her. A truly deep and grounded woman. By simply being in her presence I transformed parts of myself that have longed to be heard and loved.


Kim Victoria -

client love

I have learnt so much about myself being in her presence.

Jess is one of those rare women who is blessed with youth *and* wisdom. So humble, deeply spiritual and oh so sweet. I have learnt so much about myself being in her presence.


Sarah K Jones - Australia

client love

I have managed to bring some of that magic home.

She is so open, warm and approachable. She shares her own human experiences and vulnerabilities whilst still being a strong leader and facilitator.


Kelly Barrett - Australia

client love

Are you ready for the next chapter of your life?

Have you been waiting for things to be 'different' and 'get better' before you step into your new chapter?

The time is now. Nothing will change, unless you do.
You need to be the change and create the space to truly step into what your soul desires. Go get it girl! 

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So excited 

you're here and ready! 

I'm so honoured you're ready to work with me! This journey is going to be so special and sacred (and at times scary!). You will up level so many elements of your life - with a cohort of supportive sisters who are ready to cheer you on. Are you ready?