Cleansing tools for daily ritual

Cleansing is an ancient sacred ritual used to cleanse, purify and shift energy. Many cultures have their ancient tools and ways of cleansing themselves, their spaces, and objects.

Cleansing: A ritual to purify & shift energy using incense, palo santo & sage

Major life transitions can be a time to surrender. By letting go of control, you allow the universe to give you what is most resonant to you.

Let Go Of Control and Surrender To The Unknown

Self reflection is a beautiful way for one to be fully aware and connected to their own thoughts, feelings and actions.

15 Journal Prompts for Self Reflection

Balinese Penjor

Galungan is a sacred Balinese event which celebrates the victory of dharma over adharma – essentially the victory of good over evil.

Galungan and Kuningan – A Sacred Balinese Celebration


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