Breathwork Healing Sessions

Dive into the healing power of the breath – activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness back into your body and your life.

Sacred Breathwork Circles

Join us in sacred circle to move your body, relax your mind and breathe with other women in a safe, intimate sacred circle online container.



Clarity Breathwork Healing Sessions

Our breath is a powerful medicine that can help facilitate the release of stress and tension, suppressed emotions and helps open the mind and body to an expansion of consciousness. This transformative process activates the subconscious mind and is a powerful process for healing.  

Are you...

Wanting to clear old energies and patterns and open the door to a new life?

Feeling blocked and/or stuck in your current situation and can’t seem to move forward?

Interested in the breath and would like to dive deeper into this heart opening modality?

Wanting to release stress, heal and resolve trauma and free your self-limiting beliefs?

Curious about the breath and would like to try this gentle and feminine approach to access your own awareness and insights?

Clarity Breathwork healing sessions will help you to...

Release negative thoughts, emotions and stagnant energy from the cells of your body

Increase oxygen and energy flow in the body

Reduce stress and increase pleasure, ease and flow into your life

Access expanded states of consciousness – transcending yourself and awakening to your true beauty

Unravels and releases self-limiting thoughts and patterns from your life and past lives

Here's what we'll do...


During our first session we’ll go through your intake form and discuss and explore your past and current life situations
 – this will include discussions around your birth, your childhood, relationships, etc.


Next we will dive into the breath! I will guide and support you as you consciously breath full, circular and continuously for approximately an hour. I will hold space for you as you connect with your breath and your body – encouraging you to stay present and support you as sensations arise.

Depending on your session I may use music, instruments, my voice and gentle supportive touch (for in-person sessions) to enhance your journey.


Following the breath work journey, we will discuss and reflect on what came up for you including suggestions on what you can work on before our next session, integrating back into your daily life and/or some take home exercises to further enhance your healing


For subsequent sessions we will discuss how you have been since your last session, what you would like to work on for this session, we will have approximately one hour of breathing and have reflection time at the end of the breathing journey



I'm Ready!

Sessions are 1½-2 hours

I offer life coaching package scholarships and breathwork and energy healing discounts to Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and Trans and Non-Binary folk. 
To find out more please go to my scholarship page here for more information

Sacred Breathwork Circles

Here's what we'll do...

Join me for the upcoming November New Moon Breathwork Ceremony

Calling in our ancestors, the directions, our guides and allies to assist and hold space for us as we dance, connect with our body, share and breath. These potent ceremonies are available to my current and past clients and are limited to 10 participants.

This allows me to dive deep with each of you – honouring you and your story and ensuring a sacred container for sharing and connection.



Go to eventbrite to book

A two-hour sacred circle breathwork online ceremony

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Kind Words

I was extremely fortunate enough to be in the gentle and caring hands of Jessica on my trip to Bali. She had a thorough knowledge of the culture, customs and traditions and was able to show me the spiritual side that would be dismissed or at least not have the depth of explanation by the usual tour groups.
She possesses a strong yet gentle spirituality, which is very embracing. Yet I can see in her a wild, ever searching and discovering nature to her. A truly deep and grounded woman. By simply being in her presence I transformed parts of myself that have longed to be heard and loved.
Thank you Jess, it was real!

- Kim Victoria ~ Australia

Another bonus on this Art Retreat in Bali came in the form of a ‘genuine’ modern Balinese woman.
Young and fresh with a strong sense of self and her culture, she delivered her knowledge and experiences of life in Balinese culture – I enjoyed learning about it.
Having the opportunity to hear her talk and share real life stories was a great dimension on the Art Retreat.
The privilege to take part with her family at a Full Moon ceremony at her home was something I will never forget.
Jess’ warm, honest and intelligent teachings added a lovely addition to my experience. How lucky I feel being part of this.

-Heathermeg ~ New Zealand

“Breathing is one of the fastest ways of shifting your consciousness that I have ever found.”

Gay Hendricks

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

Thích Nhất Hạnh

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” 

Thích Nhất Hạnh