Deepen Life Coaching Program

Empowerment Life Coaching

Step into your power.
One on one empowerment life coaching for those that are ready to take the next step in their life.


Women's Empowerment Coaching Sessions

Join me for a three month one on one journey to support your spiritual growth, let go of what is no longer serving you and to step in your power. These sessions are a 1:1 personalised coaching series.

Are you...

Unsure what to do next in life and feel stuck?

Wanting more ease and flow in your life?

Confused or unsettled by a life transition?

Ready to ‘do the work’ and align yourself with your values and desires?

1:1 Empowerment Coaching sessions will help you to...

Realise your true potential and get clear on your purpose

Take the next step in life with no regrets by creating an action plan to step forward in life

Live fully and be open to the abundance that surrounds you

Truly see yourself as the beauty that you are and reach for your wildest dreams

My three month coaching program is for you if you are...

Ready to step forward and take on a life goal

Discover your purpose and attract the life you have always wanted 

Deepen your spiritual connection within yourself 

Transitioning between life chapters and are ready to feel supported as you embrace the change



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Here's what you get...

Three months of personalised one on one support

6 x 60 minute fortnightly sessions via Zoom

Unlimited email and WhatsApp check ins and support between sessions

Specialised training, worksheets and practises on mindset, spiritual practice, worthiness and the art of ritual and ceremony.

Access to my bi-monthly Sacred circle breathwork ceremonies

I offer life coaching package scholarships and breathwork and energy healing discounts to Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and Trans and Non-Binary folk.
To find out more please go to my scholarship page here for more information.

I'm ready - Let's do this!

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Kind Words

Jess your involvement and help on this beautiful Bali Retreat was wonderful. Your knowledge on all things ‘Bali’ was so interesting – you opened my heart to spiritual Bali. Thank you. Thank you to you and your gorgeous family for the experience of a lifetime.

- Jody Mc Donald ~ Australia

Jess is one of those rare women who is blessed with youth *and* wisdom. My last trip to Bali was made ever so richer by the traditional Balinese culture being shared in a way that I could interpret and bring back to my life in Aus. Her Balinese family were such a delight to meet and - wow - her dad! So humble, deeply spiritual and oh so sweet. I have learnt so much about myself being in her presence. Anyone going to Bali needs this woman by their side! 

- Sarah K Jones ~ Australia

I learnt so much from Jessica on my Bali trip. I felt immersed in local spirituality without it ever feeling like a tourist experience. 
To be honest I have been on many retreats and Jessica has been my favourite host. She is so open, warm and approachable. She shares her own human experiences and vulnerabilities whilst still being a strong leader and facilitator. 
I didn't expect my trip to be near as rich and transformative as it was, it was a lovely surprise and I have managed to bring some of that magic home.

Kelly Barrett ~ Australia

“Breathing is one of the fastest ways of shifting your consciousness that I have ever found.”

Gay Hendricks

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

Thích Nhất Hạnh

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” 

Thích Nhất Hạnh

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Kind Words

I was extremely fortunate enough to be in the gentle and caring hands of Jessica on my trip to Bali. She had a thorough knowledge of the culture, customs and traditions and was able to show me the spiritual side that would be dismissed or at least not have the depth of explanation by the usual tour groups.
She possesses a strong yet gentle spirituality, which is very embracing. Yet I can see in her a wild, ever searching and discovering nature to her. A truly deep and grounded woman. By simply being in her presence I transformed parts of myself that have longed to be heard and loved.
Thank you Jess, it was real!

- Kim Victoria ~ Australia

Another bonus on this Art Retreat in Bali came in the form of a ‘genuine’ modern Balinese woman.
Young and fresh with a strong sense of self and her culture, she delivered her knowledge and experiences of life in Balinese culture – I enjoyed learning about it.
Having the opportunity to hear her talk and share real life stories was a great dimension on the Art Retreat.
The privilege to take part with her family at a Full Moon ceremony at her home was something I will never forget.
Jess’ warm, honest and intelligent teachings added a lovely addition to my experience. How lucky I feel being part of this.

-Heathermeg ~ New Zealand