Helping heart-led women* reclaim their passion, be their authentic selves & start living a blissful life

How are you 

Are you feeling stagnant, tired and bored with your current life situation?

Are you feeling the struggle to transition into your next chapter and need a gentle push/nudge/encouragement to help you get there?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and ungrounded and don’t have time for yourself because life is just too....busy?

Has life taken an unexpected turn and you’re not sure which path you’re on anymore?



If this resonates with you, then I believe you’ve been guided to the right place.

Hello there

A passionate, intuitive and loving coach, breathworker and healer.

My spiritual path has unfolded and led me to this online space to offer you my healing services. 

I am a breathworker, energy healer and life coach and it’s my honour to support you on your path of growth so that you can lead a beautifully fulfilled life – just like you deserve!

My clients are ready to reclaim their passion, be their authentic selves and start living a blissful life – they do this by working on their mindset and by deepening their self-worth practises.

I've spent many years seeking and healing and I feel so blessed for all my life experiences - the good times and the bad. My journey has led me to explore and grow into the heart-opened, spiritual woman that I have become...


I'm Jess


Are ready to take the next step and step into your power…

Feel drawn to work with me…

Have found me by coincidence and feel a deep yearning to work together…

Are ready for the power of connection and growth…

I'm the Coach, Breath Worker or Healer for you if you...

*I help women, those who identify as women and non-binary people  

I’ve been described as a multi-passionate and positive person who sees the beauty in everything, has a deep seeded connection to ceremony and ritual and who finds depth in holding space for people.

Let's make 


Are you feeling the call to work with me?
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