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10 insider tips for the Spiritual Traveller going to Sacred Bali ❤

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Hello there

I'm Jess Patra

A passionate, intuitive and loving coach, breathworker and healer. 
I help people release what is no longer serving them and call in a life they have always dreamed of - we do this together through breathwork, empowerment life coaching, energy healing and Balinese teachings.
As a breathworker, energy healer and life coach it’s my honour to support you on your path of growth so that you can lead a beautifully fulfilled life – just like you deserve!
My clients are also ready to reclaim their passion, be their authentic selves and start living a blissful life – they do this by working on their mindset and by deepening their self-worth practises.
They are ready to take a leap and do the work - to step into their power like the Goddess, Queen, King or Leader that they are. They feel empowered to break free from what is no longer serving them and call in their true essence and soul's desires.