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the ‘Journey To Self’ series -
A free 3 day Course to help you embody more self love, self worth and self care into your life.

Journey To Self


This three day course will guide you through daily practices in self-love, self-worth and self-care that will guide you to explore:

- what self-love, self-worth and self-care mean to you 

- remind you how deserving you are of your own ritual practices 

- how you can cultivate more self-love 

- remember your own self-worth and that you are worthy

- honouring your self-care and devoting time for yourself 

By making time for yourself and watering your own garden, you will start to attract the feelings, experiences, relationships and abundance that you want most. This work will help you reconnect with yourself, create healthy boundaries and seek inner guidance, wisdom and clarity that's driven from your heart and not your mind.

You can’t expect to be the best version of yourself if you're not making time for ‘you’.

I'D LIKE TO START MY journey to self 

- Brene Brown

Talk To Yourself Like Someone You Love


Start to attract the feelings and experiences that you want most, by creating healthy boundaries and understanding your worth. Self realisation comes from understanding your personal values and caring about yourself. 

Three day course - sent straight to your inbox!

Receive downloadable worksheets daily which you can print out and write on or simply fill in the PDF document and save to your computer.

A loving mantra to print out, put on your wall and recite daily. Call in the mantra or create your very own.

Beautiful quotes to align to each day - reminders of the importance of self love, self worth and self care.

Suggested daily practices to help you dive deeper into each day. Take what feels right for you or even try something new.

Once the practice is completed, feel a greater sense of connection, realise you are worthy and start attracting a life that is in alignment with your practices, values and beliefs

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i desire a deeper connection with myself

A passionate, intuitive and loving coach, breathworker and healer.

I help people release what is no longer serving them and call in a life they have always dreamed of - we do this together through breathwork, empowerment life coaching, energy healing and Balinese teachings.

As a breathworker, energy healer and life coach it’s my honour to support you on your path of growth so that you can lead a beautifully fulfilled life – just like you deserve!

My clients are ready to take a leap and do the work - to step into their power like the Goddess, Queen, King or Leader that they are. They feel empowered to break free from what is no longer serving them and call in their true essence and soul's desires.

Hi Beautiful

I'm Jess Patra

Let's Begin Your Journey To Self
A 3-day course to help you embody more self love, self worth and self care into your life.
Thank you for taking the first step in starting your Journey To Self. Please check your inbox or promotions tab for your course. Look out for an email with the subject line: Welcome to Journey to Self - Day #1 - Self Love. I highly recommend printing each guide and keeping it close by. Having a physical copy will encourage you to take advantage of its contents whenever time allows, and to stay committed to your journey to self practice. Enjoy xx