20 quick Rituals that you can use daily for Self Connection ❤

Would you like my free guide on 20 daily rituals you can incorporate in your life today?

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10 insider tips for the Spiritual Traveller going to Sacred Bali ❤

A free insiders guide for the traveller wanting to see spiritual Bali - temples, healers & wellness

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Journey to Self - The Self Series Mini Course ❤

A free 3-day email mini course on how to embody more self love, self worth and self care

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An Intimate Journey of Self Reflection, Self Love & Reclaiming the Goddess Within

Awaken your power, step into your soul's purpose and live the life you've been dreaming.
Come join me on a 3 month journey where you will release what is no longer serving you, rekindle the passion within, remember what you truly deserve and manifest the life you've always dreamed of.

"This program will change the way you live your life!"

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Online Course

How to release old wounds & deepen your spiritual practice

A 3-week breathwork and healing journey that will help you release old wounds and deepen your spiritual practice.
Join me in-person or via Zoom as you learn to break away from suppressed emotions and clear old energies and patterns. This deep journey will allow you to access expanded states of consciousness, witness how powerful the breath is and how highly vibrational an energy healing can be.

"Thank you so much for your time and energy. It was amazing and insightful"

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*Are you interested in single breathwork or energy healing sessions?
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Breathwork & Energy Healing

A Coaching Series for the Dreamer Ready To Up-level Their Life

A 3 month personal journey that will ground you in your dream life and help guide you back to your purpose. This personalised, heart centred, no bullshit approach will help stretch your possibilities, guide you to your truest potential and deepen and nourish your connection with yourself.

"I felt so deeply supported through my life transition"

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Life Coaching

Client Love


" Thank you Jess. You helped open a door for me and I'm so excited to learn more and continue healing. My whole experience with you has just been so inspiring.."

" You won't ever need to hire another coach because Kristina is BOSS."

" I learned so much from Kristina it is insane. Her program changed my entire life."

Breathwork & Energy Healing